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In collaboration with the Mestre Martí i Tauler library, we present the storyteller's hour

An enriching and fun experience for the little ones in the house. Led by teacher Javi, the boys and girls will listen to books and songs on different topics, and learn almost without realizing it!


Espai Idiomes Book Club

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At Espai Idiomes, we not only focus on language teaching, but are also committed to providing a complete educational experience through a variety of exciting activities and collaborations. From cultural workshops to talks with language experts, there's something for everyone here.

Language activities and workshops

Deepen your target language through practical and interactive workshops. From conversation workshops to cooking sessions, we provide you with the tools to improve your language skills in a fun and effective way.

Collaborations with other entities

We believe in the importance of working side by side with other organizations to provide our students with enriching experiences and unique learning opportunities. We collaborate with different entities such as schools, universities and companies to offer special activities and joint programs.

Talks and conferences

We welcome experts in languages and other related fields to give talks and lectures on topics of interest. This allows us to expand our knowledge and share perspectives with our community.



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